Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Wonders shall not end is the best description to what happened in Kolo town in the Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. It was on Saturday the 16th of March 2013 when the news went round town that the Senator representing the Bayelsa East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Mr. Clever Marcus Ikisikpo was in town to honor God in a thanksgiving service  at the New Demonstrate Ministry's Land of Living Testimonies and Transformation.
Knowing Ikisikpo as one of the honorable embers  of the first and second Assembly in the State before his journey to the National Assembly first as member House of representative and now as Senator. Counting on him as one of our own, Golden Pen had to drive down to see Ikisikpo to both discuss coverage of the upcoming event and to possibly have a interview with him on some important issues concerning his senatorial district.
The time around 4.30pm and people were going in and out in their drove, when Golden Pen  arrived at the gate. A security man ordered him  politely to park his car outside and he did, but as he went in,  little did he know that he was going to meet some thugs in there. One tallish man was on phone for over five minutes who claimed to be a director in the Ikisikpo's political group flanked with a group of boys flanking. He asked Golden Pen why do you want to see the Senator and as that question was being answered, suddenly Senator Ikisikpo appeared and when he saw Golden Pen said: " ha this man I have not seen you for long' and they were exchanging pleasantries when the ferocious thuggery aid prevented Ikisikpo from talk with Golden Pen, Hear what he said: You are a local newspaper, we don't need any local paper because they don't get to Abuja. I have just gone to pay some national papers and television...' and when Golden Pen told him that some of the local papers were also read outside the state, and that it was not the best to condemn  since the Senator himself was raised from the same locality.
At that time the Senator was standing a few meters away looking at the drama without calling his thuggery aid to order. It was a big embarrassment for the thuggery aid to be so authoritative as to  control the Senator. Though Senator Ikisikpo did not say something some observers who spoke with Golden Pen on the matter noted that Senator Ikisikpo represents the great people of Bayelsa East comprising, Brass, Nembe and  Ogbia Local Government Areas including the president, and called on the Senator not to allow thugs or miscreants to dent his image or political career which he had built over the years.

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