Saturday, 9 March 2013


There is no gainsaying, the fact that, Bayelsa is wearing a new look in a true sense of the word. Inquisitive minds will not waste a moment to ask how is that true, why is it so and who is responsible? Such questions a expository, and are necessary, so the indices will prove the high level of uncompromising and dehumanizing poverty.
The first area to see is the cost of living. In Bayelsa, you may think that you are not in Nigeria, but in another country because of the cost of petroleum product in the state capital or its environ. Sorry to say that it is only in Bayelsa that the product is sold at N120 a litre as against the approved pump price of N97
.But as you move out of Bayelsa to nearby Rivers and Delta states and everywhere in Nigeria the pump price of petroleum is N97 which is the approved price by the federal government. exorbitance of cost to what applies in other states.
The worst is in the riverine  area of the state which is cut off from Yenagoa the state capital because of the absence of roads. Fish farming being the mainstay of the economy of the people has kept those traditionally akin to fish farming to some settlements in the swamp to live with their families thus keeping away from the hustle and bustle of city life that is not easy to live without a good paying job.
Unlike the days of youth uprisings and militancy when most bravado youth and their sponsors beat their chest to ill gotten billions, today the story is quite different. There is hunger in Bayelsa state.

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