Saturday, 9 March 2013


Bayelsa State created on the first of October 1996 by that great military leader General Sani Abacha of blessed memory is no doubt a state that has myriad of challenges. One of these challenges is the economy; especially trade and industry which is like a far cry in the development process.
Thanks to traders who have come from other states to complement Bayelsans  in the markets, which is a welcome development, there is something that has been reported of traders in Kpansia market who have taken to smoking marijuana and other unethical public behaviors like playing gamble and polluting the environment with criminal conduct inside the market.
A commuter who gave his name as Opukeme Gilbert told investigating Journalists, that Kpansia market was  one of the best organized markets  in the state and wondered why some of the traders and or their cohorts were openly smoking marijuana and gambling.
He remarked that this ugly trend if not nipped in the bud would turn the Kpansia market to disrepute and called on the market authority to investigate and bring culprits to face the law so as to stop recurrence of such  unwholesome acts in our society.  

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