Saturday, 9 March 2013


The Hon. Henry  Seriake Dickson led Restoration government has tried enough to rebuild the state civil service. by inculcating in workers the value of reporting early to work and closing at government approved time. Monday through Thursday is usually full day work, but Friday is different. 
On Fridays workers make arrangements to travel home to see their homes or travel out of the state to whatever place of their choice.
The wonderful way Yenagoa looks at weekends is in the attitude of the people and how they rush over everything as if amagedon is coming after them. In the offices they close before time and nobody receives query for closing earlier. That is a disease that is general to all, from the Permanent Secretaries to the least worker.The irony of the matter is that Permanent Secretaries who should have been in office more permanently are the ones who because of their giant status abscond attendance of duties on Fridays especially when the governor is away.
Bayelsa is like a land being pilfered, the way those with cars drive out of the state leaving the taxi drivers, the water vendors and the market people to stay around to wait for Monday to come for normal life to return the economically fledgling state. Weekend in Yenagoa the capital of Bayelsa State is truly boring. 

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