Tuesday, 12 March 2013


The world is a class for man to learn lessons every day and that is what we can take from the resignation of Pope Benedict VI who without coercion submitted a letter of resignation to give way for another Pope to succeed him. The papacy is a life time anointing to function in the office of God, but this great man has shown the way to other world leaders in high offices that every throne can be abdicated.

  But the irony of the whole thing is that, such acts of official benevolence is not common to come by: especially in the African family. Most of our leaders have refused to resign even at the expense of the life of the nation or of individuals. This has played out over the years, with most of past African leaders refusing to quit until what happens to those who refuse to quit happens to them. If African leaders like Field Marshall Idi Amin of Uganda, Sgt Dow and Charles Taylor all of Liberia, Gaddafi of Libya and others could have escaped death if they had toed the line of resignation.

Chief Evans Tubonah
Modern day politics demand such values that men in high offices should not worship offices, but as every other thin that must be left behind when the right time comes. Not only politicians, but whoever is occupying a high position should best be led by conscience to know when to quit, like the Pope has done.

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