Friday, 11 August 2017


The former Acting governor of Bayelsa State and (APC) big wig, Chief Werinipre Seibarugu whose home was visited by unidentified masked men, has broken his silence.
Chief Sebarugu a former Deputy Governor and also former Speaker of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, spoke to the Golden Pen Newspaper, which paid him a visit in his residential home in the Bayelsa State Capital, Yenagoa.
Narrating his experience, Chief Seibarugu, expressed gratitude to God for saving his life and for delivering him and his family out of the hands of those who masterminded the premeditated  attack against him.
According to him, the incident occured in the night at about  2 a.m Teusday after returning from Port Harcourt in the evening on Monday. Hear him:-
"I give thanks to God! Actually that night, I just returned from Port Harcourt, I was in my room, even far asleep. I was awoken by my wife who came trembling and told me that some masked men had already gained entrance into our compound."
Chief Seibarugu who said he didn't know where to start, took manly courage and stood up from his bed and left his room to see what could be done for him and his family to be safe from the danger that was lurking around.
His wife had given him the information that she saw masked men  trying to break the kitchen door to gain entrance  into the main house. she didn't know the number of the attackers because it was in the night and she was at a distance, but she saw some of them because there was light:-
"They were unable to off all the lights, so she saw the mast men and they were hitting the door to break it, thank God the door too was a good one. They were putting enough energies to break it; but unfortunately she saw them and raised alarm and came to the room and called me  to wake up and look around. And when I looked around, I did not see my security and I thought they might have overpowered them."
At that point the situation became so challenging, because Sebarugu knew that his security men lived with him in the compound, and at that critical moment, he did not see any of them. What could he alone do if the masked men had truly overpowered his security men? He picked up courage to take a bold step so as to get help from outside. Hear him:-
"I tried to call my friend, a police officer, the phone rang, but no response; so I said O.K, the way it is, if  even they have overpowered my men, it will take them a lot of time to enter the main building. In the process I had to think of what to do, and while I was in that process, I fell and injured myself. Then I saw my security men, the police, they live in the compound, but I think they avioded them and went through the back door. I didnt call them but the alarm raised by my wife woke them up. And we advanced and were able to repel them. When the police started shooting they ran away" Seibarugu said.
The former Acting Governor however stated that he don't know what particular name to call the masked men, because they didn't come close to tell anyone their mission or purpose.
"I don't know their , mission, so I cannot categorically say, they came for this purpose or for that purpose. People wearing masks except they gain access to you before  you may know what they came for.So, whatever anybody calls them, I accept. Call them assassins, call them thieves, call them armed robbers, no one is ruled out"
Chief Seibarugu who is being considered a possible gubernatorial candidate  in the forth coming governorship race in 2019 thanked God that he is alive, and appreciated the people of the state, the Press the Police, the DSS. his friends, communities and well wishers across the Nigerian nation and the world for their concern and goodwill towards him and members of his family, saying:-
"I want to use this opportunity to thank everybody that have shown concern...."  he concluded.

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  1. Seibarugu attackers may be caught in no distance time if security operatives intensify investigations.