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Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin 
The month of August 2016 has been a different thing to people all over the world. But to the Sons and Daughters of Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin the Founder and General Overseer of the Mercy Land Deliverance Ministries [MLDM], Warri, it was the best of months.
On the 4th and 5th of the month, being Thursday and Friday, Prophet Jeremiah gathered his Sons and Daughters all over the world to the Mercy City Warri in an impartation service with a view to empowering them to carry the grace upon the life of their spiritual father, the Prophet, Jeremiah.
Addressing the congregation from all over the world the Prophet spoke of the grace contacting secrets of sacrifice and of sowing seeds to those who have the grace to God. He said in some communities some fathers who had grace and did mighty works, did not consider it necessary to transfer the grace upon their lives to any of their children the reason for which, he said, they died with their grace.
But stated that Abraham and Isaac imparted grace to their children. In the case of father Abraham he received direct impartation from God, and that God gave him grace because of his willingness to offer his Son Isaac as a sacrifice unto the Lord. Abraham sacrificial submission to slaughter Isaac as a ram to God at the mount of Moriah, announced him as a man whose heart pant for God and who obeyed God for which God lavished his grace upon him the Prophet said.
He gave a graphic explanation of power transfer from generation to generation in the dynasty of Abraham, he said Isaac tapped grace from his father Abraham and that when he was old he thought of transferring grace to his first son Esau, and asked him to go a hunting to bring him venison to tap the grace.  And through their mother Rebecca who loved Jacob more than Esau, a plot was perfected to hastily prepared a lamb, faked Isaac and was imparted of the grace.
He went on to say that, because Jacob was imparted of the grace of God his life changed automatically, and that it was because of the grace working in his life that made to have an encounter with God and the Lord changed his name to Israel which means blessing, because his former name Jacob was fraudulent. he went further to say that the grace also was upon the life of Joseph that was betrayed into slavery in a foreign land.
Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin used the medium to tell the Sons and Daughters that their secret to tapping the grace of God that would transform their lives in all sphere were offering sacrifices and sowing of seeds to those who have grace, and urged them to go and practice giving, so as to continue in the flow of the grace of God and to live a struggle free life.
The man of God also spoke of the life of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ  who offered himself as a sacrifice on the cross of calvary and died for the sins of man to receive the highest grace.
He cited relevant Bible portions to buttress his points:-
The Prophet taught the Sons and Daughters many things, highly appreciated by the people from all over the world trouping out in droves to honour their Spiritual father, the Prophet in words and deeds.
The occasion has come and gone, but the memory of it and the gains of impartation in the life of the people shall be forever with the people. The voice of the rang out saying:-
"In the realm of the Spirit there are things you need to do, 'love and sacrifice" He refereed them to the Bible and thought them the prospurity principle of 'sowing and reaping' in Matthew 13:3 by Jesus which said that while some of the seed fell on rough ground and not germinate and bear fruit, others fell on good soils and bared fruits 'some hundred folds, some sixty and some thirty folds..."
He said for anyone to receive impartation, he or she must be a sower of seeds or a wilful giver to contact that grace upon the life of the grace carrier.
As Sons and Daughters he said they needed a Spiritual Father who wants his children to grow, who will appear to them in their dreams and to prosper them through impartation, that whenever a son or daughter cried unto the God of their father he hears them. Hear him:
'I said, the ultimate secret to receive is sacrifice." Prophet Jeremiah who said the sons and daughters were his spiritual children, so are their spiritual children being his spiritual grand children, and spoke on the relationship between God and his Servant remarked that whatever the Lord does, he first shows to his servant as in Amos 3:7.
Sons and daughters from all over the world attended the impartation service, some of the matched out to appreciate the Prophet, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, popularly called."OWOMOWOMO"
Sons and daughters from states in Nigeria include Alhambra, Bayelsa, Delta Edo, Katsina, Rivers and others, while sons and daughters from outside countries includes: Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho, and Egypt amongst others.
In their separate remarks, they thanked God for bringing the Prophet to their lives, and for making him their spiritual father, which according to them had made life more meaningful than ever before. They wished him more anointing and grace from God to continue to lead them in the journeys of destinies.
In his response, the Prophet, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin thanked them all for the kind gesture by honoring the prophet and reassured them of the grace of c oming upon them.
It was indeed a great event that attracted people of all works of life.

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