Saturday, 4 January 2014


Chief O G Evans Tubonah
Nigeria is a great Country, the largest black African nation in the world and a very beautiful at that but there are other beautiful  places in the world that are what visiting. Some don't like to embark on any journey or take a tour outside their environment.
But Chief Otonye Godman Evans-Tubonah love taking trips outside to have understanding of how people of other countries are getting on. In one of such trips Chief Tubonah who is the Publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper saw his journey to France to Spain, Portugal and Rome as very interesting, especially as tour guides were always ready to take him and others round to visit holy sights. The Fatima city experience in Portugal, that of Loudes in France and most especially, Rome and the Vatican city, where Chief Tubonah was amongst a Nigerian delegation that visited Pope Benedict 16th for a breakfast at the Papal square at the St. Peters Bassilica in the Vatican city. The journey was informative and educative for a number of reasons,which made it real that indeed 'travel is part of education'. One great experience what sharing with those who hope to make such a journey now or in the near future. It is the weather condition there that is a very tough challenge that should not be taken for granted.Chief Tubonah recalls that those who did not wear pull overs or sweaters to checkmate the harsh weather condition had their stories to tell. Another disturbing aspect was the diet or food there, Thank God, today there are African Restaurants in some cities to meet peoples need.
It is the path of wisdom not to take this lightly in any journey abroad to Europe, ensure that you don't fall victim or prey to cold and disease. 

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