Monday, 3 June 2013


The Honorable Dickson administration has impacted in diverse ways the lives of people in different ways, and that was to be expected. Dickson told Bayelsans in a matter of fact way that his administration was coming in to restore the 'lost glory' of the state. That was a grammar too hard for every simple mind to understand.
 Dickson was sounding laconic in his expressions flying the kite of transparency in a dramatic monthly press briefing that was more of a public show unbelievable politico/financial maneuvers. The governor knew his people so well that he concluded he would lead them by the nose, and of-course he knew where he was going. Just after he took the oath of office, he started with the frozen of the accounts and had a quick or could one say an overnight control of the state treasury.
One very sad experience Bayelsans had with the coming of Dickson was that the money meant to pay their bills was used by the PDP to flag off his controversial governorship campaign flag-off  in the state.
And just as he took the mantle of leadership he went to the media through his media men to announce that people who had bills in the state treasury should apply for verification and those affected responded instantly, the announcement turned out to be a mere dribble on the helpless Bayelsans who could not withstand the might of the all powerful governor Dickson who according to his finance Commissioner, Mr. Iduatte Iyabi will not pay any bill until he had executed some projects. But that was just an excuse to push aside those who are at the mercy of Dickson and his disappointing finance Commissioner, Mr. Iduate Iyabi who became the finance boss of the state, because of his long years of service in the banking industry.
Mr. Dickson and Mr. Iyabi are the closest in the Restoration cabinet because of the purse of the state.
Most a time Mr Iyabi would spend days working in the Government House instead of being in his office, there after, he travels out to only God knows where either with the governor or alone. This situation appear to have turned the ever busy treasury building to a shot of ghost town or graveyard.
Mr. Seriake Dickson at the take off point of his Restoration government in his monthly transparency press briefings flanked by his deputy, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John-Jonah [Rtd] and the Finance Commissioner used to announce income, savings and expenditure, on monthly basis that were most questionable. Most of the payment the government claimed to have made had something to do only with some externals as Bayelsans contractors and others whose bills were outstanding liabilities inherited by Dickson has been ignored for over One year and three months.
While Bayelsans are kept in hunger the Dickson Restoration government should be given a path on the back for carting away a whopping amount of N10billion in the name of opening opening offices in London and South/Africa in the pretense of wooing investors to the state. In view of the high handedness of the governor and the finance commissioner who claim to be acting on his master's voice, only divine intervention will put food on the tables of  those Bayelsans  whose bills were verified and yet to be paid, observers have said.

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