Saturday, 15 June 2013


Elder Evans Iyoyo
This is the face of the man who came to the world and did so well and loved everyone that came his way and suddenly left the stage for the people to continue crying over his unannounced exit.
Elder Evans Iyoyo who hailed from Nembe in Nembe Local Government of Bayelsa State and Ogoloma in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State, all in the Niger Delta, grew up in Nembe and was so loving that he was the brother and friend of majority of the people and also bitterly hated by those who sought to subjugate or put their fellow human beings under their armpit. His none compromise to such forces made him the hero of the common man and a threat to the forces of oppression.
When his too sons, Israel and Roland  were to join the Nigerian Army in 1967 and informed him of their intention, he pondered over it and said;
"As you have decided to defend your fatherland, I will give my blessing. as you go to fight the battlefield  with the fear of God    may  God go with you, preserve and keep you through out and give you victory and you come back to me; but if you go and commit atrocity, using your uniform to intimidate and oppress ordinary people, or loot peoples property to enrich yourselves or rape women and so on may you not return to me" The only clause Elder Iyoyo added was; " I don't mean that if you meet a situation where there is cold and there is a blanket around to keep warm, I do not say you should not use it to cover yourselves," His too sons went to the war and returned alive without any deformation. Evans Iyoyo loved his children so much; but did not compromise the family standard of love and kindness that were the ideals that he had as the main pillars of the family structure. He died after a brief illness in 1978.
In remembrance of his father, the Publish-Editor-In-Chief of Golden Pen Newspaper Chief Tubonah Evans said the exit of his beloved father, Elder Evans Iyoyo was a great leader who believed more in giving than receiving. 

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