Thursday, 13 June 2013


The Founder/President of the World Prosperity Organization
Chief O G. Evans Tubonah
, Chief Otonye Godman Evans Tubonah , has called on people of the world to make use of their innate power of imagination to achieve prosperity.
Chief Evans Tubonah made the remark during an interview with journalists in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State.
 According to him, imagination is like dreaming or having a vision of what one wants to do in life, it is the very first step that is at the beginning of every journey. Before anything is done, imagination will come to play; either knowingly or. unknowingly. It is a matter of fact, that any body who wants to go somewhere must first of all have a mental picture of where he/she wants to go, just as anyone  who wants to write on paper would first have a mental picture of what he/she wants to write.
The Prosperity president remarked that in the journey of prosperity, imagination plays a key role, the role of getting focused, and having the clear vision and direction of what one does or which profession or career is more promising for a brighter future."If you have imagination, it will keep you focused and that will give the necessary faith that brings prosperity to you," he said.
What you continue to have as a dominant thought in your vision has a controlling power to influence your destiny in life, he therefore urged mankind to have positive imaginations that are the building bricks of prosperity to enhance their individual and group prosperity.
Chief Evans Tubonah who is also  the  publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper emphasized the need  for Nigerians to be proactive in the quest for decent living which is borne out of prosperity imagination and faithful labor.

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