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Professor A.I.M Teknikio is now no where to be found in this wide world. Where he has gone, where he went to or where he is, right now is not known to the ordinary mortal, but to God and to them only who have spiritual eyes.

This unique man of humility came to the world and left without warning to anyone, but not without a footprint on the sand of time. You may not see a gigantic mansion mentioned after him, nor fat bank accounts traced to him, but his contributions to the world are far remarkable and profitable than some of the illustrious sons with all  their big claims or boasting  of monumental achievements and self acclaimed  patroitism in our Ijaw African society who have nothing to compare him.

What made him unique, you may ask,  and I can tell you why!  His uniqueness was that he was a man of ideas, a man of uncommon ideas  always at the forefront of leadership. He was that kind of a person who gave out all of him and all that he had to the society and the world, he was born into.
Professor A.I.M Teknikio a Doctor of Liliterature, a PhD, and Meta-physician taught his students many things bothering on historical facts that the early men who founded Nembe were soulselves who came down from the sky. He used etymology in his explanations to establish that fact.
He titled his main text book "Femideism and Rivers Culture", it was a comprehensive package of various lessons that dealt with the African and his ways:
1. That book of lectures teaches on the origin of the  African, the Nembe Ijaw (Ijo) man, his neighbors and the entire African society before the coming of the white man (before colonialism ). He established in that chapter that the first sets of beings of Nembe of the (Ijo) race did not come by earoplane; neither by ship nor by boat from elsewhere, but descended from above, because there was no means of transportation at the beginning.
2. He dealt with the Religion of the African people, particularly the Ijaw (Ijo) speaking people, where he asserted that the aborigines did not look unto the power or Supreme being that caused the existence of mankind as a male but female.  In Nembe (Ijaw) language what is called, God today, before the advent of colonialism was called "Teme-ara" (Creatress) or "Wa Nyingi" (Our Mother) Other Ijaw speaking people also referred to the Almighty God as "Tamara" (Creatress) or Wo yin" (Our mother) etc.
3 The lecture series, dealt with the entirety of the African on developing a self reliant economic civilization many years before the whiteman discovered Africa. He dealt with African architecture: the type of houses designed and built by the Ijaw Africans with combination of sticks of choice, mud for walls and for partition, ropes  for nails, and woven palm fronds for roofs. He taught his students about the  main occupations of the African, which were fishing and farming, taught the students, the inventions of the Nembe Ijaw (IJo) Africans such as:-
a. The wooden canoe or boats invented and produced by the Ijaw Africans and wooden paddles invented and carved by them for water transport for fishing etc.
b. Fishing gears. The Africans did not get his fishing gears from outside, they were home made. The fishing nets, the bamboo fish traps, the typical African fish ponds etc
C. The culture and the tradition of the Nembe Ijaw Africans and their counterparts across the Niger Delta and across Africa existed before the advent of the colonialists he taught his students, from that book.
E. In those teachings he emphasized Africanism and Pan-Africanism whereby the Africans should continue to develop and to improve on their talents in the African way, he taught his students to  emphasize the need of Africans to give African names to their children, explained that African name like "Ayeba wanaemi" has same  meaning with Emmanuel which means God is with us, where he faulted changing such valuable names in the African languages to other meaningless names in foreign languages.
Today, that great Professor is no more, but his legacies are there. The seeds of thought he sowed  that abide in the hearts of his students, if not swept under the carpet can still be a living force to drive home his teachings not only to the Ijaw (Ijo) race nor to the African society alone, but to the whole world.
We need to reproduce some of his works, therefore we appeal that
anyone who has any or some of his books especially, "Femideism and Rivers Culture" and "God the African Benigner" and others, should please call the following numbers: +2347038943926, +2348088145183, send message or email to or facebook:

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