Friday, 4 March 2016


News at Golden Pen News desk has it that the Bayelsa State Government had started selling off some properties owned by government.
Golden Pen authoritatively gathered that the first batch of sales took place at the Government owned Newspaper Corporation, Publishers of the New Waves, where printing machines valued at hundreds of millions of naira were dismantled and loaded into waiting lorries and taken away to unknown destinations
Golden Pen correspondent reported that when he went to the news stand by the Corporation's office he saw the lorries and a strange movement in and out of the Waves  Printing Hall, and when he moved closer saw a truck inside dismantling the machines, and the loaded lorries ready to move. Our correspondent said after noticing that all the vehicles involved in the deal had their number plates removed.
Asking who gave them the authority to dismantle the said printing machines, Golden Pen was told that the Head of Service of Bayelsa State, Dr. Singabele was at Corporation when the dismantling process was on and should be in better position to explain.
When contacted in his office after some hours of waiting , Dr. Singabele who said he was returning from government house to work on some files, and does not have time to talk with the Press has this to say;
"Sorry, I am just from government house and have no time to discuss with you on this matter, is it because I went and stopped them? Is it because I went and stopped? Let them say whatever they like to say, but if you want to know you may go and ask the police what happened." Singabele said.
all efforts to contact the police has not been successful as at press time.

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