Thursday, 4 February 2016


Professor Pat Utomi
It baffled many Nigerians to read a publication by Professor Pat Utomi in the New media, telling the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari to 'shut up'.
Professor Utomi was quoted to have said, the President should 'Shut Up' because he knew nothing about the economics of Nigeria. This unfortunate and ridiculous statement, by Mr. Utomi  had telegraphically portrayed him as a Professor who don't know how to talk to elders. Carefully evaluating the arrogance and impunity, the Professor had advertised himself as the 'only best economist' or 'the only best brain' that could speak on economic matters in the African largest nation, Nigeria.
To correct the wrong impression created by his ill-fated publication, it has become  necessary and important to call this disappointingly erroneous Professor Utomi to order, so that he will come to the reality that there are equally other better brains that have a say in the economy of the nation and every other matter.
There are many reasons to fault the arrogant assertions of Prof. Utomi whose claims of being a better brain on economic matters in Nigeria above the President of the country is most unreasonable and a clear display of professorial ignorance or foolhardiness . It is pertinent to point out to Professor Utomi some truth he needs to know:
1. Professor Pat Utomi cannot tell Nigerians or the world that he was the only brilliant
child in  school from class to class.
2. He cannot claim that their were no other brilliant students that competed with him regarding positions at examinations. If he came out best in any class or throughout his academic life, he could not claim that he was the only Nigerian that came out best in every subject
3. There are different careers in life and Professor Utomi cannot claim to be master of all. If he is an economist, he should not forget that there are other economists like him and he cannot beat his chest to say that he is the number one economist in Africa or in the world.
4. Beside being an economist, Professor Utomi  cannot call himself a medical Doctor, a Lawyer, a manufacturer, an Engineer etc, or if he does , he cannot still claim to be the best in all.
5. This is the error of Professor Pat Utomi, that he is not the only economist in Nigeria and does not know half of what President Buhari knows of the economy of Nigeria, because of the caliber of the technocrats that are his ministers and advisers.
Professor Utomi ended up proffering no solution to the economic challenges of the nation than raising unnecessary alarm of the failure of past administration to save money when things were better.
In view of the fact that Utomi had failed to proffer solution on how to stabilize the economy, I like to suggest that Nigeria should go for a NATIONAL ECONOMIC STABILIZATION FUNDS RAISING PROGRAMME, and for sure, Nigeria as the President said could go on without necessarily devaluing the naira.
By Chief Evans Tubonah
Golden Pen Newspapers
Bayelsa State

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