Tuesday, 2 June 2015


The withdrawal of the #2.45bn case against the former Bayelsa State Governor, Chief Timipre Sylva  by the Director of Public Prosecution of the Federal Ministry of Justice has been described as a most welcome development
Speaking to the Golden Pen in the Bayelsa State Capital,Yenagoa, a civil servant, who gave his name as Ebiegberi stated that the way the EFCC pursued Sylva from "pillar to post" from one end to the other and on daily basis was unprecedented in the history of Nigeria.
According to him, Chief Sylva as governor of Bayelsa State, displayed high level of integrity by paying salaries as at when due, and embarked on meaningful, and people oriented development projects to the extent of sourcing for funds to pay the salaries, allowances, pensions etc. when the militancy in the Niger Delta was at its peak.
Mr. Ebiegberi observed that, Chief Timipre Sylva who initiated the amnesty idea that was implemented by President, Shehu Musa Yar'Adua of blessed memory deserves honour and protection than been chased around by political interests.
On her own, Lady Virginia said, considering what that young man, Chief Sylva did for the people of Bayelsa and Nigeria, it was wicked for Bayelsan politicians to plot his downfall as to waste him in jail. Everybody know that EFCC has no personal matter against Sylva, but politicians who think they will do better; if he was nailed or put behind bars, thus trying to use the EFCC and the Courts as tools to achieve their selfish ambition.
Lady Virginia, who said she had always been praying for the former governor, said she was very happy with the Federal Ministry of Justice for the  withdrawal of the case, emphsizing that if she was in authority, she would no doubt let him live no matter what, because as she puts it, he is far better than some of those this nation has given amnesty.

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