Monday, 13 February 2017


Monday 13th of February 2017, the governor of Bayelsa State, Mr. Henry Seriake Dickson announced that he was going to address the Nigerian Press to highlight some of his achievements and also to field questions so as to identify areas of cross fertilization of ideas to better inform the masses of especially, the people of the state, of the nation and of the world.
But as a big surprise to media practitioners in the state, Mr. Dickson decidedly hijacked the so called media briefing, narrowed it to a mere radio and television interactive session with surrogates in another closed door meeting that prevented journalists in the state to participate in what he called media briefing, that is their right to attend and to inform the masses.
However, here are some few questions for the governor, Mr. Dickson to answer:
1. What is it that monumental achievement you have made that is what celebrating in this 5th year of your administration?
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2.Your Excellency, just to remind you, when you took the oath of office as governor of Bayelsa, side by side with the deputy governor, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John-Jonah (Rtd) at the Isaac Boro Peace Park in the State capital Yenagoa on the 14th of February, 2012. In your maiden address, Your Excellency, I can remember  vividly that you declared free and compulsory Education at all levels, have you achieved that?
3. Your Excellency, there are countless reports about sorry state of schools, whereby teachers leave classrooms over none payment of salaries for many months thus subjecting the Bayelsan child to stay at home or roam about in their environment. As if that was too little your administration had suffocated the only State own University, the Niger Delta University, by denial of funds for both salaries and overhead cost. Thus had your,so called, restoration government forced the University to close down again and again, is that an achievement?
4. Is it water supply or power, you want to tell Bayelsans about your achievement? Your Excellency, for water supply you cannot tell the people more than what they already know that it is so bad that, water vendors are the ones supplying water to the state secretariat.
Melford Okilo Memorial Hospital 
On power supply, your campaign promise was to power the entire state through gas turbines and sell surplus to neighboring states, have you done that, Your Excellency?
5. When you came with the mantra of Restoration, that of bringing back the lost glory of Bayelsa, the average thinkers especially the civil servants reasoned that a messiah had come and they were full of hope, now they and the pensioners are all crying together for non payments. Your Excellency, how many months salaries are you owing the civil servants and how many months are you owing the pensioners?
Your Excellency, it is a matter of fact that  government is a continue, which means that a succeeding government begins to build from where the former stops and that's why assets and liabilities are inheritance of governments. But when you came on board and inherited assets and liabilities of the state, you paid attention to only the assets but to the liabilities owed Bayelsans you pay no attention, all you claim to have done is that you settled some liabilities outside. Why not also settle the liabilities of Bayelsans, are Bayelsans your enemies?
Bayelsa is the glory of all Lands, that has the same or similar meaning with being called Holy land, like Israel. Though the first civilian governor, Chief D.S.P Alamieyeseigha of blessed memory tried in that light, built the Glory Land Church in government house, sponsored Church buildings in communities, sponsored Christian and Muslim pilgrimages. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Chief Timipre Sylvain followed in putting God first by sponsoring pilgrimages, but your government even say NO! to that, why?

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