Saturday, 4 May 2013


Nigeria a nation trying to move in the path of righteousness justice and fair play outwardly, but inwardly the opposite. How can a Parliament which calls itself National Assembly continue to live in the ancient culture of tribalism, nepotism, favor it-ism and all other isms that stands to divide the nation instead of unification. Every lawmaker is either thinking of his family, relations, community, local government area or constituency instead of thinking of the well being, peace and prosperity of the nation. The way the go about their business shows that the National Assembly does not stand objectively on such matters that needed objectivity.
One of such matters is the creation of State and Local Government areas. When it was glaring that some areas were favored more during the Military era with some communities having so many LGAs, while others just a few.The People of Bayelsa cried out to the National Assembly to increase the number of local government areas because they had just eight.
The Constitution of the Federal Government pegged the number of Local Government Areas to make a state at ten. Bayelsa was in a very high hope and expectation that the National Assembly was going to respond positively, but that was a wrong judgement, the National Assembly does not treat matters objectively according to merit, but whatever the goose need  the gander who does not need it must insist that if it does not go round with him the gander having a fair share he will not support that the goose be given the which he deserve, That is how they ended up not being able to create additional LGAs  for Bayelsa state till date.
When the National Assembly received the memos they politicized it to State Creation so that those at advantage will continue to be on top. It was all centred on selfishness, tribalism and anti-nationalism.
The Northerners who had the highest number of states and local government areas also wanted to have more,for themselves yet they call themselves members of Parliament. The National Assembly is a failure because they failed to consider the eight Local Government Area status of Bayelsa and create additional LGAs for them.

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